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Book 1: Windows on the World

Thirteen-year-old Shama Katooee hasn't had an easy life: an orphan, she must work and dodge gangs while attending Teleschool with millions of other children in LowCity, DC in 2083. One day her life turns upside down: she meets her best friend, a bird named Deenay, and is mysteriously selected to attend the Chronos Academy in UpCity, where privileged children of GodZillionaires are trained in the practice of Time Watch.

Book 2:Time Angel

Shama Katooee is an orphan with nothing remarkable about her. Or so people think. She is invited to attend Chronos, an elite school for time travelers, for a single reason: no one will care if she dies in an experiment. At Chronos, the Time Keepers believe that their role is merely to guard the most powerful machine in the world, the QuanTime computer, a Time machine.

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Time Angel Interactive Book Project

Students, I have posted a draft of my new book, Time Angel. But I know I’ve made mistakes. And I know you can help me tell the story better. Let me know if you find spelling or punctuation errors. Are there parts of the story that are confusing to you? Do you have some ideas for me about how to make my plot, my character or the world of the book come alive? Are you an artist? Send me some illustrations.

Although I can’t promise to include illustrations in my book, I will post them on my website.

Post your comments on my website by October 15, 2013 or email me your comments and/or illustrations. My email address is: andrea@billwhitetexas.com

By posting on my website or emailing me your comments, you agree that I can include your first name and school name in the back of Time Angel when it is published in 2013 and that you are giving me the use of your ideas to help me make the book better.

Technology is so cool. I can’t wait to write the very first interactive book with students. If you and your classroom get engaged in this project, ask your teacher to invite me to Skype with you. I look forward to meeting you over Skype.

Happy reading and thanks for your help!

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Interactive Chapters

Video: Chapter One


“Tell me a story, Dad.” “Once upon a time, there was a girl who was born out of time.” “What does that mean?” the boy asked. “She was a Time Angel. She could travel back and forth without damage to herself or to time.” “Is the girl real?” “A legend.” “But legends are real?” A […]

Chapter 1

Chronos Academy 0001 hours The sign on the wall read Quarantine. No visitors allowed; still, Shama Katooee sensed a presence, people watching her. She could hear voices, so faint they sounded like thoughts, chattering away in her head. So faraway, they could be colonists on Venus. She lay on the clinic bed, her long hair […]

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TLA Spirit of Texas

Texas Library Association awarded Windows on the World the Spirit of Texas award for middle school fiction. Teachers can check out the Texas Library Association website for curriculum guides and activities, including a time travel board game origami birds and future pets and gadgets. Read More

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