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Students who read more, read better.   We must improve the reading skills of our students even with cutbacks in public investment in education.  Technology is one tool we have to do this.

To that end, I’m inviting young readers to interact with me on this draft of Time Angel, scheduled for publication in the winter of 2013.This project is designed to involve students in the writing process and help them better understand  books as a form of communication between people, rather than as an object. I commit to read all the comments sent to me by young readers, and to print their first name and school name in the back of the published book.

Humans like to “put a face” on communications, which accounts for the success of Facebook and even why people look at the pictures of authors on book jackets. I believe that students read with greater interest once they have met the author. And I enjoy hearing their questions and comments.  If your students become engaged, I’d be happy to donate my time to Skype with your class.

I hope you and your class will participate in this project with me and help create the first truly interactive book between an author and students. I look forward to Skyping with you. My email is:

Thank you for what you do to enrich the lives of our students!

Andrea White

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